Awareness on Environmental Hazards of Electronic Waste by CBSE

CBSE has issued a circular to students and various schools to increase awareness amongst students regarding careful disposal of e-waste. CBSE has issued a letter from Ministry of Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY),Govt. of India regarding increasing awareness programme on Environmental Hazards of Electronic Waste amongst students. The schools have been advised to tell the students to visit the government website which is promoted by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) Government of India to create awareness among teachers and students about the health hazards of e-waste in India. The website talks about various ways of disposing off e-wastes and related rules and regulations in India.

The purpose of the government is to increase awareness amongst students by holding workshops and discussion sessions in schools and colleges. You can expect some announcements in your schools regarding debates or painting competition which will cover topic on disposal of electronic waste.

Students will be taught best practices for disposal of used batteries, cells, broken mobile phones and other electronic items. Some of the electronic items contain very harmful material which is really harmful for the environment. Various chapters on this topic has been written in NCERT Books which are taught in various CBSE schools. The students can expect questions relating to this topic to come up in various school level examinations.

There are various topics in NCERT books of various classes which also talk about ways to reuse many of such items. In various art competitions organized by CBSE affiliated schools these topics are being given to CBSE students to make drawings.

Many large organizations have also come up and offered services for recycling of their products. Computer manufacturer like HP have a segment on their website to help customers dispose of their unused products. The same should be taught to CBSE students also.

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