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Studiestoday.com has been developed and promoted by principals and teachers of the most reputed schools of India. The team of experts bring together more than 40 years of teaching experience for the benefit of students and parents. We bring together education related resources which can help children, parents and teachers to excel in examinations. Our team of experienced teachers are working hard to continously updating this website with useful material for students. The USP of this website is that all information and resources provided to students is free of cost. Studiestoday.com doesnt charge any money from students for accessing resources or from teachers/ tutors who advertise on this website or share their resources.


Authors :

Rajendra Goyal: He has been working in the education field since 1968. He has been principal for one of the best CBSE schools in India for more than 15 years. He has been a visiting faculty to various schools in India. The name is well known amongst educationists across India due to his articles which have been published in various books and journals at a national level. He has also been on the advisory panel of CBSE to recommend and approve changes in the syllabus of senior secondary education classes. He has been writing books on mathematics concepts. Please refer to his book “Advanced Mathematics Principles” available at all leading bookshops in Delhi. You can contact him at info @ studiestoday. com

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