Datesheet for Board Examination 2013 - Class X





Friday,01st March,  2013  10:30 AM                    

                              PAINTING             049


Saturday,02nd March,  2013  10:30 AM                  

                              MATHEMATICS          041


Monday,04th March,  2013  10:30 AM                    

                              HINDI COURSE-A       002

                              HINDI COURSE-B       085


Tuesday,05th March,  2013  10:30 AM                   

                              MUSIC CAR.VOCAL      031

                              MUSIC CAR.INS.MEL.   032

                              MUSIC CAR.INS.PER.   033

                              MUSIC HIND.VOCAL     034

                              MUSIC HIND.INS.MEL   035

                              MUSIC HIND.INS.PER   036

                              ELEM. OF BUSINESS    154

                              ELEM BOOK-K & ACCY   254

                              E-TYPEWRITING-ENG    354

                              E-TYPEWRITING-HIN    454


Wednesday,06th March,  2013  10:30 AM                 

                              URDU COURSE-A        003

                              BENGALI              005

                              TELUGU               007

                              GUJARATI             010

                              MANIPURI             011

                              ASSAMESE             014

                              KANNADA              015

                              ARABIC               016

                              TIBETAN              017

                              FRENCH               018

                              GERMAN               020

                              PERSIAN              023

                              NEPALI               024

                              LIMBOO               025

                              LEPCHA               026

                              BODO                 092

                              TANGKHUL             093

                              JAPANESE             094

                              BHUTIA               095

                              MIZO                 098

                              BAHASA MELAYU        099

                              COMM. SANSKRIT       122

                              URDU COURSE-B        303


Friday,08th March,  2013  10:30 AM                    

                              ENGLISH COMM.        101

                              ENGLISH LNG & LIT.   184


Saturday,09th March,  2013  10:30 AM                  

                              FOUNDATION OF I T    165


Monday,11th March,  2013  10:30 AM                    

                              PUNJABI              004

                              TAMIL                006

                              MARATHI              009

                              MALAYALAM            012

                              ODIA                 013

                              SPANISH              096

                              KASHMIRI             097


Tuesday,12th March,  2013  10:30 AM                   

                              SOCIAL SCIENCE       087


Thursday,14th March,  2013  10:30 AM                  

                              SCIENCE-THEORY       086

                              SCIENCE W/O PRAC.    090


Friday,15th March,  2013  10:30 AM                    

                              HOME SCIENCE         064



Important - Regarding Class X School Based Assessment


Schools are being advised to conduct School Based Assessment (Scheme 1) between 16th March to 31st March 2013.



Latest CBSE News

  • Today CBSE has finally declared that there will not be any retest for class 10 mathematics examination. Even though there was news that the question paper has been leaked with strong evidences but taking due care of the hardships faced by honest students CBSE has finally declared that no retest will be conducted. The decision has come after the evaluators have examined many answer sheets from...
  • Are your looking to buy NCERT books ? Now its easier than ever. NCERT has started home delivery of books to make the books easily available for all students. There have been many cases reported where the books have gone out of stock in certain smaller cities and it takes weeks to months for the books to reach the sellers and then to the students. Now all NCERT books from class 1 to class 12 will...
  • The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has made it mandatory for all CBSE affiliated schools to introduce physical education for classes 9 to class 12. The schools have been given option to make it mandatory for junior classes also. CBSE wants the subject to be part of other mainstream subjects to increase awareness amongst students on health and fitness. One period daily will have to be...
  • NCERT has again made clear that as per the syllabus and guidelines issued by them, no homework must be given to students upto class 2. The CBSE schools have already been directed to follow the instructions but the schools are still giving homework to students in order to show that they are making the child study or to display to society about their education standards. Also clarification came on...
  • CBSE board is in the process of making major changes in the syllabus for all classes according to which NCERT books will be revised. The new NCERT Books will be applicable from next year. In continuation to the changes being made, it has now been decided that QR codes will be printed on new set of NCERT Textbooks which will be issued in 2019. Students will be able to scan the QR code using their...
  • The problems faced by CBSE board during the current ongoing board exams for class 10 and class 12 doesn’t seems to end. The investigations for the major paper leak for class 12 is still going on with students agitating and filing cases in SC against the re-conduct of examinations. Now due to Bharat Bandh organized in Punjab by various Dalit Organizations all schools and public transport systems...
  • The HRD minister has spoken in detail regarding the paper leak issue and has expressed his anger and sadness on the issue and the problems faced by parents and students. He promised to overhaul the system and bring about changes in the examination system and also take action against the criminals responsible for the act See Video Here-