Datesheet for Board Examination 2013 - Class X





Friday,01st March,  2013  10:30 AM                    

                              PAINTING             049


Saturday,02nd March,  2013  10:30 AM                  

                              MATHEMATICS          041


Monday,04th March,  2013  10:30 AM                    

                              HINDI COURSE-A       002

                              HINDI COURSE-B       085


Tuesday,05th March,  2013  10:30 AM                   

                              MUSIC CAR.VOCAL      031

                              MUSIC CAR.INS.MEL.   032

                              MUSIC CAR.INS.PER.   033

                              MUSIC HIND.VOCAL     034

                              MUSIC HIND.INS.MEL   035

                              MUSIC HIND.INS.PER   036

                              ELEM. OF BUSINESS    154

                              ELEM BOOK-K & ACCY   254

                              E-TYPEWRITING-ENG    354

                              E-TYPEWRITING-HIN    454


Wednesday,06th March,  2013  10:30 AM                 

                              URDU COURSE-A        003

                              BENGALI              005

                              TELUGU               007

                              GUJARATI             010

                              MANIPURI             011

                              ASSAMESE             014

                              KANNADA              015

                              ARABIC               016

                              TIBETAN              017

                              FRENCH               018

                              GERMAN               020

                              PERSIAN              023

                              NEPALI               024

                              LIMBOO               025

                              LEPCHA               026

                              BODO                 092

                              TANGKHUL             093

                              JAPANESE             094

                              BHUTIA               095

                              MIZO                 098

                              BAHASA MELAYU        099

                              COMM. SANSKRIT       122

                              URDU COURSE-B        303


Friday,08th March,  2013  10:30 AM                    

                              ENGLISH COMM.        101

                              ENGLISH LNG & LIT.   184


Saturday,09th March,  2013  10:30 AM                  

                              FOUNDATION OF I T    165


Monday,11th March,  2013  10:30 AM                    

                              PUNJABI              004

                              TAMIL                006

                              MARATHI              009

                              MALAYALAM            012

                              ODIA                 013

                              SPANISH              096

                              KASHMIRI             097


Tuesday,12th March,  2013  10:30 AM                   

                              SOCIAL SCIENCE       087


Thursday,14th March,  2013  10:30 AM                  

                              SCIENCE-THEORY       086

                              SCIENCE W/O PRAC.    090


Friday,15th March,  2013  10:30 AM                    

                              HOME SCIENCE         064



Important - Regarding Class X School Based Assessment


Schools are being advised to conduct School Based Assessment (Scheme 1) between 16th March to 31st March 2013.



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